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An Eggs-traordinary Story!

On Valentine's Day, we became aware that something we thought was one way was really just the opposite. It all started about 5 months ago when our daughter found a chicken in her yard. After trying in vain to locate the owner, she offered the chicken to her mom and dad. Since we have backyard chickens and being the bleeding heart suckers  folks that we are, we said "Yes!" with nary a thought. We brought the chicken home, did an internet search and discovered that she was an Americana breed, a chicken that lays pretty light blue or green eggs. We were thrilled since all we have are brown egg layers. Heidi, out in the yard because she's too much of a chicken to be with the chickens in the coop. Flew the Coop We tried to acclimate the little hen into the coop, but she refused to identify herself as one of them. Every time we put her in the coop area to get to know the other girls, she "chickened out" and found a way to escape to the other side of th

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